Dog Throws A Major Tantrum When He Realizes Owner Won’t Let Him Climb On The Couch

Dog throwing adorable tantrum (Video)

Just like a moody teenager, or a toddler throwing a temper-tantrum, our fur babies can get upset too. Bella the Boxer is one such adorably spoiled pup that clearly isn’t very used to hearing “no”. After getting some new couches, Bella’s mom changed the rules and decided to keep the couches a dog-free zone. She wanted to make sure her guests would be able sit down without getting dog fur on themselves, or flaring up any allergies.

But Bella isn’t hearing it. She’s never felt so hard done by in her life. A couch just for humans? But I am a human! Whatever do you mean?She’s really putting those puppy dog eyes to work, but it’s having no effect on Mom. It’s almost like she has seen this routine before. Just look at that face! Her Mom reminds her that she does actually have her own bed and a couch, so she doesn’t have to sleep on the floor. She just can’t be on this specific couch. “She has a temperpedic bed in the same room with couches that are all her own so she never actually has to lie the floor.” – Bella’s mom.

Bella is so upset she won’t even look at her mom anymore

I swear you can almost hear her saying, but it’s not fair! In her guttural, whiny cry. In the end she gives up, turning away from her mom and curling up on the floor in defeat. She looks back as if to say are you happy now? from the carpeted floor. Boxers are highly intelligent and have a lot of energy. They’re incredibly loyal and tend to be very obedient. So you can imagine Bella will certainly be abiding by the rule – she just won’t be happy about it! Watch the video, you have to hear Bella’s hilarious “talking” for yourself.

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