Dog tracks owner’s scent for a heartwarming reunion after 7 months apart!

A Heartwarming Reunion

Golden retriever Sandy was born in Mexico, where he was adopted by Maria Maciocia on the San Diego border, before being raised in California. Maria, who now resides in New York, added she feels indebted to the dog but because of her new living arrangements, and other personal reasons, was unable to give him the home he deserved. She decided it would be best if Sandy went to live away from her and stay with her parents in Scotland, and was heart-broken when she had to leave him behind in the UK and head back to the States.

It’s been 7 long months since Sandy the dog has seen his owner, Maria — but he clearly never lost her scent. Upon returning home to her parents’ house, Maria decided to turn her long-awaited reunion with Sandy into a little game of hide-and-seek. So, after she’s found a hiding spot in an upstairs room, the happy dog is set loose in the house. In the video, Sandy is searching for Maria all over her parents’ home. After looking through several rooms, Sandy finally reunites with Maria. The video has gone viral because of the dog’s joyful reaction.

She bursts into tears as she hugs him!

Amazingly, he seems to immediately recognize she’s near just by smell alone. And he couldn’t be happier when he finally finds her. “So I returned home to Scotland this morning… I was reunited with my best friend after 7 months.” But Sandy’s excitement at seeing his owner apparently hasn’t ended there. Since Maria’s return, he’s been thrilled to find her a new each morning — waking her up with a shower kisses. Watch this amazing moment: the dog sniffs out his owner after the pair had spent months apart. Maria, clearly overwhelmed by seeing her pal again, bursts into tears as she hugs him.

After running though all the bedrooms, Sandy eventually finds Maria hiding behind a bed.

Within seconds, he jumps up onto the mattress, quivering and crying with excitement as he licks his owner’s face enthusiastically.


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