Dog’s Touching Reaction After Realising Her Owner is Pregnant – Priceless Moment

The sweet moment dog realises her owner is pregnant (Video)

Dogs and humans share a special bond, there’s no doubt about that – but if you ever wanted proof as to just how special that bond can be, look no further. A female pitbull called Nova was filmed by his owner Ryan, dog trainer, when the heartwarming and unexpected reaction took place. Standing opposite his wife Stephanie on the sofa, owner and pooch gently nuzzle each other face-to-face while Ryan laughs asking: “Nova what are you doing?”

Telling loved ones that you’re pregnant is a special moment, but sometimes they just know – and that was the case with lovely Nova. Dogs can notice changes in body language, behavior, and environment. As Stephanie smiles and gives a kiss to the four-legged family member, the canine stares deeply at the expectant mother. Viewers then hear Ryan asking Nova again what she is up to, who appears rather unsure of what to do next. Ryan, who is a dog trainer, then questions his pup: “Are you protecting?” when Nova gently places her forehead onto Stephanie’s stomach.

The clip has been watched over 13.2 million times

The mom-to-be then gives her pet an affectionate ear rub and pat on the back, praising her pooch for figuring out that the family is expanding. Ryan uploaded the sweet reaction to video on social media. Since being published the clip has been watched over 13.2 million times, with several dog lovers and owners sharing similar experiences in the comments. Watch the video, it’s a priceless moment! Ryan and Stephanie went on to have a baby boy, where the family frequently post clips of Nova alongside their son.

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