Dramatic Dog Jealous Of New Puppy, Demands Mom’s Attention With Hilarious Tantrum

Hilarious tantrum (Video)

Dogs are so loving and loyal, and they can become very “jealous” when their owners show any affection to anyone or anything else. They can sometimes behave exactly like little children, if they don’t get what they want, than a tantrum is imminent. But it feels so good to know you’re loved and they care so much, right? Well, take a look at this video, a case of extreme jealousy! The giant pup really wants mom’s undivided attention.

The owner was holding an adorable little puppy, but her two big Great Danes seemed to have a problem with that. They can’t come to terms with the fact that other dogs do exist in this world. When mom introduces the new pup to the dogs, they calmly and curiously check it out. Mom’s biggest boy lets out a few “words,” but it’s otherwise going pretty smoothly. But when Mom sets the puppy down and it crawls over to its new bed, that’s when the Great Dane’s true colors show and the jealousy comes out. He seems to have a particularly dicult time accepting this, and he gets so jealous that he then has to make sure that his owner still loves him.

A case of extreme jealousy

If Mom’s going to hold some puppy, she’s going to have to hold her gentle giant too! The jealous boy jumped on her shoulders and demanded to be loved. He gets his cuddle time, but doesn’t want to let go anytime soon, which results in a hilarious and slightly awkward situation for his owner. Watch the video, she managed to reassure her pooch that she loves
him very much and there is absolutely no need for jealousy.

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