Elderly Man’s Selfish Excuse For Returning Old Dog To Shelter Leaves Workers Fuming

Heartbreaking moment (Video)

It’s an inevitable fact that people, as well as animals, grow old. Sometimes this leads to our pets being achier and slower, and their naps being longer than usual, but that’s certainly not a reason to get rid of them. When inanimate objects lose their purpose, become aged and worn, or stop functioning, we usually discard them. But, that’s not how living, breathing things should be treated, right? The beauty is at growing older together, and those who truly love their pets know that adoption is for life. An employee at the Los Angeles Animal Services North Central Facility in California was so upset when an older man brought his sweet and loyal dog Canela to the shelter.

The sad scene was filmed by Laura Garrick who was listening and recording the man surrendering his dog at the shelter. He told everyone that she is a “great dog.” They had grown old together, but he had decided it was time for them to part ways because “She don’t do nothing no more and she don’t chase the cats.” Most all living things grow weaker and incapable of doing the things they did in their youth. Canela is no exception. In fact, he had gotten Canela from that very shelter 15 years ago he said, and guessed her to be 18. But the workers gently commented that they didn’t think she was 18. Nonetheless, the man insisted that she just didn’t have the get-up-and-go that she used to. He was giving her up not because he couldn’t afford to care for her any longer or physically couldn’t meet her needs. It was because she laid around all the time instead, even though she was still a wonderful companion.

The dog seemed very frightened at that moment

It’s an owner’s obligation to care for their pets as they age and lose the agility and energy of youth but he had decided enough was enough — but yet he sat there, petting her head. Laura commented that the dog seemed very frightened at that moment. Canela knew that something was going on and it wasn’t going to end well for her. As she tucked her tail between her legs, shaking with fear, the man turned around and left her there with strangers. According to shelter workers, the owner didn’t appear to be the least concerned, he walked out the door without a second thought about the dog that had been a part of his life –and he hers — for 13 years, leaving Laura shaking her head. After Laura shared the video, she later posted that Canela had been picked up by Leave No Paws Behind. The organization rescues dogs, especially seniors and animals with special medical needs, and places them with foster families until they are adopted or no longer living. Watch the video, it’s hard to understand and digest the abandonment of Canela.

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