Elephant Waits 3 Weeks For Injured Dog BFF To Come Back – Touching reunion

Touching reunion (Video)

We all love to see an unlikely animal duo that seems to somehow have developed a truly deep and lasting friendship. While elephants are typically 8,000 or more pounds, they somehow develop amazing friendship with dogs that seem to dote on the large creature. Seeing them together brings a certain amount of joy to your heart. Elephants are known for being highly intelligent creatures and have advanced social skills. We all know how loving and sociable dogs are too. So it seems only fitting that an elephant and a dog should become pals.

A particular sanctuary in Tennessee has around 10 elderly female elephants living there. Most of these elephants have developed friendships with a certain special companion. One particular elephant, named Tara, has become best friends with a small dog named Bella. The two spend most of the day together. They play in the sanctuary and roam the 1,800-acre sanctuary together. Unfortunately, Bella suffered from a back injury recently. She received care in a treatment facility in the sanctuary and was away from her special elephant friend for several weeks.

The moment where Bella is brought back to her best friend is truly wonderful

The pair does everything together and truly love each other. Nothing proved this more than when Bella’s back was injured and she had to rest for three weeks in a treatment center. Instead of roaming the sanctuary as normal, Tara spent nearly 3 weeks waiting outside the treatment centre for Bella to get better. Finally, after those three weeks of waiting, Bella emerged healthy and the two were delighted to play together again. Watch the video, the moment where Bella is brought back to her best friend is truly wonderful!

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