Family Brings Home Puppy to Die With Love, But She Surprises Them All!

She Surprises Them All! (Video)

While the subject of euthanizing stray animals is hotly debated, other countries have very strict rules against it. For example, the people of Turkey have accepted—and even enjoy—the presence of street dogs for hundreds of years. Despite the risk of rabies and other health problems caused by homeless dogs, the Turkish government stays firmly against controlling the population through euthanasia. An American family living in Turkey has been volunteering at a local shelter that houses nearly 4,000 dogs. Shelter dogs in Turkey are rarely euthanized, and the kennels become overcrowded.

When a dog gets sick, they easily transmit their diseases to the others. “There were dead dogs everywhere,” Mary recalled, “Dead rats… there’s no way they can keep up with that many dogs, it’s just impossible. It’s beyond heartbreaking.” So Mary was appalled to see the conditions that shelter dogs were living in—and began to volunteer their home as a space where dying puppies could peacefully live out their last days. They would bring upwards of six bags of dog food to the shelter, but it was hardly enough to feed two or three cages. There was a limit to what the family could to do help, which was part of the reason why they kept volunteering. Mary said that there were times when she and her daughters would cry at the sight of all those dying dogs, crammed into small cages with not nearly enough attention or amenities.

It’s incredible what love can do!

Mary and her three daughters are all huge animal lovers. They decided to take home a puppy that they named Faith, to give her a comfortable place to spend her final days. When the family first saw Faith, sadly, she was dying. She was very frail and had an illness called distemper, clinging onto life. It had reached her brain and spinal cord. The condition usually resulted in seizures and a loss of coordination. Mary and her family wanted Faith to die in peace with dignity. But Faith surprised the family. Watch the video, what happened next amazed the entire family—and changed their lives forever!

 Faith struggled to walk, but she wouldn’t stop trying to get better. Not even a vet could predict what Faith did. It was completely shocking—and some might even call it a miracle.

She survived! The family’s love somehow made Faith stronger. “She’s healthy and happy now, very spoiled… she definitely knows she’s loved.” And she loves to run!

Not only did Faith live up to her name, she showed this American family that their love and attention was the best gift they could have given.


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