Family Dog Noticed Human Baby Was Sleeping On The Couch – His Reaction Is Adorable

His reaction is adorable (Video)

Dogs make fantastic companions for babies. They’re loyal, patient, protective, and most importantly very loving. They will make sure that the babies are safe and protected. Some dogs are really good at playing mummy with other baby animals or human babies. The video reveals a precious moment where the dog is trying to cover up a diaper-clad baby who is fast asleep on a blanket. There’s nothing like drifting into a sweet sleep and having someone loving place a blanket over you so that you can be cozy in your slumber. Mums are the best at this. But they aren’t the only ones who do it well.

Some animals also have motherly instincts that kick in when their babies or even human babies are around. The pup is shown nudging the side of the cozy blanket up over the baby so that the child is covered. When this adorable dog notices that his human brother is uncovered, he realizes that he may get chilly due to his lack of fur. So the pup decides to take action! He uses his nose to carefully cover up the sleeping baby’s exposed skin so he can stay nice and toasty while he naps. No fur-less puppies are catching colds on his watch!

Dog with motherly instincts

But now the baby is missing his little friend and starts to wail. Apparently, being cozy in a blanket is nothing compared to being cozy with your favorite fuzzy buddy. And we’re not the only ones who think so! Watch the video, it’s just one more example in a pile of many that any dog can become a nanny dog with proper training, supervision, and love.

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