Family Out Cycling Save Dog With Head Stuck In Plastic Bottle – Heartwarming Rescue

Heartwarming Rescue (Video)

A poor dog would have died from either suffocation or starvation because of a plastic bottle stuck on her head. But luckily for her, she met some angels on two wheels. The other day, David Velázquez was out for a bike ride with a few friends in Mexico when something on the side of the road caught their eye. There, on the edge of town, was a dog in distress. His head had become stuck in a plastic bottle, and he seemed to be asking for assistance.

“At first, we didn’t understand what was happening because he was crying and he just came to us,” said Velázquez. “We knew we had to help.” After bringing their bikes to rest, Velázquez and his companions looked on as the dog warily approached them. In the video shared to social media, the group of cyclists approach the dog, whose head is completely covered with a dirty, discarded plastic bottle. The man struggles to remove the bottle but a young girl comes to his aid and holds the dog while he peels back the plastic to free the dog — carefully removing the bottle from around the dog’s head. Velázquez filmed as Rodrigo López, and López’s daughter, came to the poor pup’s rescue. He also captured the dog’s joyous reaction after being freed.

His chances of survival were slim

“There was a lot of joy,” Velázquez said. It’s unclear where the dog had come from, or how he’d ended up in such a bind. But one thing was clear — his chances of survival were slim had Velázquez and his friends found the dog in time. And he seemed to know it. The cyclists were prepared to do more to help the dog, in case he was lost, but he didn’t stick around for long. “After thanking us, he ran,” Velázquez said. “The dog was very grateful and happy.” Watch the video, it took just a moment for the cyclists to stop and help, but for the thankful dog, that made all the difference.

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