Father Gave Her Daughter a Puppy – Months Later He Realizes That It Was a Big Mistake

The father brought home what looked like a lost puppy (Video)

Receiving an unexpected gift is a real holiday for any child. The Father of five-year-old Haley with the name of Rick suddenly gave his daughter a little puppy. For little Hailey’s birthday, about ten years ago, her father decided to adopt a puppy. Rick had brought it back with him after a day of hunting, where he had discovered it at the bottom of a hole. Everyone was very happy with the puppy and was sure that it was a dog, but they never expected to find out, months later, that it was a big mistake.

The animal is affectionate, playful and a true best friend for little Hailey. However, Rick notices something strange. Although Wiley is growing normally, he has different behaviors than a dog should have. A few months after the puppy’s arrival at home, the family realizes that they have made a serious mistake: Wiley is not a dog but a real coyote! Despite the fact that the animal was not a dog, Wiley become an integral part of the family now. Hailey and the coyote are inseparable, they play, they eat and cuddle tons. It must be said that the coyote put all his heart into it, behaving like a real pup. He walks on a leash, fetches the ball, even takes a nap by the fire. But what he loves more than anything is lazing around on his little human’s bed!

The family realizes that they have made a serious mistake

Rick also decides to make the house and garden as close to the animal’s natural habitat as possible. In doing so, in order to make him happy, he also builds him a cabin in the garden. So Wiley has everything he needs. As you can see in the video, the Hanestads managed to make the animal happy. One thing is certain, many dogs would envy his place! Watch the video, the coyote is, without a doubt, a pet like no other.

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