German Shepherd Pranked By Dad Wearing A Crocodile Mask – The Dog Just Can’t Handle It

The dog doesn’t trust that mask (Video)

One of the great joys of owning a dog is the never-ending stream of silly hijinks they provide. Dogs are natural clowns, and their silly behavior never fails to bring a smile to our faces. However, there are times when even the most good-natured dog can be the target of a prank. So, should you prank your dog? The answer may depend on your dog’s personality. Some dogs take pranks in stride, shake them off with a good chuckle, and are all the better for it. Other dogs, however, may not find pranks so amusing. If your dog is easily frightened or gets stressed out easily, it’s probably best to steer clear of pranks. In the end, only you know your dog well enough to decide whether pranking them is likely to result in laughs or tears. But one thing is for sure: even the silliest dogs provide us with endless enjoyment.

This family loves engaging their intelligence by plotting out the wildest pranks and games. In this video, we see Dad using a “crocodile mask” to see his dog’s reaction. For this wild jump scare trick, Dad gets a very realistic looking crocodile mask. To lend more credibility to his deception, he even uses a special spray to block his natural scent that could give him away. He then approaches his dog who is casually hanging out on the couch. Once the furry sibling notice him, there is no going back from this. The dog get serious and inspect him suspiciously, and Dad wonders if he’s about to get attacked.

The dog get serious and inspect him suspiciously

Dogs are incredibly attuned to facial expressions and body language. As a result, they often have a strong reaction to seeing a human wearing a mask. The mask obscures many of the cues that dogs use to read our emotions, and the sudden change in appearance can be unsettling. In addition, masks can cause dogs to feel threatened or intimidated, especially if they are already afraid of strangers. For these reasons, it’s not surprising that most dogs are scared of humans wearing costume masks. Watch the video, regardless of how your dog reacts, it’s always best to take caution when bringing him around strangers in costume.

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