Giant Mastiff Dog Completes An Agility Course – His Performance Is Hilarious

His performance is hilarious (Video)

When it comes to agility courses, it’s usually all about speed and having a natural dexterity, but that is not the case for one large English Mastiff that completed an agility course at the Rocky Mountain Cluster Dog Show in Denver, Colorado. Instead of speed, the giant dog – with the fitting name Zeus – remained calm and steady. He prove that sometimes slow and steady is the way to approach certain challenges in life. The video footage was adorable to watch as the giant Zeus remained calm navigating his way through each obstacle. 

He maintained the same slow speed as he completed each obstacle. His mom continued to encourage him to go faster and give directions as he maneuvered through the course but the giant dog ignored her! He didn’t seemed to be in a hurry to complete the challenge. His large face and oversized paws were refreshing to see on the course, showing other dogs that size doesn’t matter. Sometimes it is not about how fast you get to your destination, but enjoying the path it takes to get there. He did a great job showing that size doesn’t matter – it’s not how fast you are, but how persistent you are. A great life lesson.

Agility course in record ‘Slow’ time

This funny scene amused the entire audience there, who gave him constant applause to show their support. The audience was only more than happy to cheer on this big boy, having fallen in love with him. The video of Zeus’ agility course went viral, and it definitely puts a smile on your face to watch. Watch the video to see him complete the course, it is guaranteed to make your day.

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