Little Girl Decides To Step On a Cat’s Tail At The Park – The Cat Gets His Revenge

The cat gets his revenge (Video)

Kids have a lot to learn about the world around them. Unfortunately, during this exploratory phase, it’s not unusual someone could get hurt. It’s a child’s job to explore and act impulsively. This is all very well when it comes to making potato prints or learning to ride a bike, but it may be downright dangerous when it involves tugging on a cat’s tail. Down this path lies the scenario where the child gets scratched, and learns at a young age to be nervous around cats.

Like humans, each cat has a unique personality. Some crave lots of affection and love to be held and cuddled, while others are more independent and don’t enjoy much handling. Too bad that sometimes young members of the family do not understand that maybe even their cat would also like to rest and enjoy some peace and quiet! Many cats are notoriously patient when it comes to playing with kids.  Young kids can be pesky; constant petting that gets annoying, screeching  and in the case of this little girl, stepping on tail with her foot.

She learned that it’s a very stupid idea to hurt animals

The girl was playing in a park in Eilat, Israel when she came across the white and ginger cat and decided to kick it. When it didn’t rouse itself she stamps on its tail. Objecting to this violent behaviour, the cat leaps up and chases the girl. She runs backwards before turning around and screaming. Despite the moggy losing interest the child continues to run and trips up on a concrete ledge, falling headfirst and tumbling to the ground. Watch the video, however, the girl was not hurt and just had scratches – She learned that it’s a very stupid idea to hurt animals!

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