He Abandoned Her Dog Because It Wasn’t a Purebred – She Takes Revenge On Him

She takes revenge on her boyfriend (Video)

Animals become one more member of the family that fills you with company and a lot of love. Unfortunately, the crisis of the abandoned dogs is on the rise and is becoming an almost epidemic around the world. It is clear that not enough people know that a dog is for life, a commitment forever. This was demonstrated by the boyfriend of a woman named Daniela. He had told his partner that her puppy Navy was lost after a walk. However, the man’s best friend learned the truth and decided to do something about it.

He rescued the dog from the street, and next to Daniela they planned the ultimate revenge against the groom. Together, they took him to a road with the excuse that she had a surprise for him, so they blindfolded him. She wanted to teach her boyfriend a tremendous lesson. In the video, Daniela is heard telling her boyfriend that she wants to surprise him and for this reason, she covers his eyes and then begins to pass some cards on the camera that said: “I abandoned my girlfriend’s dog because he wasn’t purebred. But my best friend betrayed me and confessed to my girlfriend. And now I will suffer the consequences. “ Then they made him stop aside of the road and count 15 seconds out loud

The footage has gone viral on social media

Then he takes off the bandage. His surprise to see the dog he abandoned was captured on camera, while his now ex girlfriend and his ex best friend were driving away. “How dare you do that to Navy? You are a disgusting person… just because Navy is not a purebred? Navy is part of the familyThe groom reacts surprised and walks to the vehicle. “How did you find it?” He asked, to which she replied: “I found it where you left it. How dare you do that to him?” says the young woman to her already ex-partner. Watch the video, he never expected that her revenge would be the same as his actions.

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