He pushes the dog into the water while he’s fishing: but things haven’t gone as planned!

Things haven’t gone as planned! (Video)

There are people who, for whatever reason, if they don’t bother people and everything around them, they are not happy. This seems to be the case of this man who, instead of concentrating on what he is doing, has the idea of pushing the dog into the water.

Trying to fish at the edge of a lake with a dog, he decides to push the animal into the water with his foot. He wanted to prank the dog, but ends up being the victim. The dog must be laughing inside and, the friend, who was filming, can’t stop laughing at such a ridiculous spectacle. That will teach him a lesson!

It’s called karma!

My friends, there is a Law called Karma. It is not inopportune to say that such a word, which has a Sanskrit origin, means, in itself, “law of action and consequence.” Obviously, “there is no cause without an effect, nor an effect without a cause.” The Law of the Balance, the terrible Law of Karma rules all that has been created. All causes become effects and all effects transform into causes. Watch the video, this clip has gone viral with over 546,000 views!

At the second attempt, he’s him who loses the balance and ends up making a beautiful  dive!

Losing his balance, he trips and falls over, landing in the water. His dog turns around at the commotion, and rushes over to check his owner is ok before the video ends. Dog still tries to help the owner out. +1 for dogs!

Source: www.youtube.com

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