He save a dog from drowning. When I saw the dog’s reaction my heart melted

His reaction made me melt

A scary life-threatening situation for a puppy turned into a harrowing rescue as two men leapt to save a dog drowning in a river. However, it’s how the dog responded once saved that might warm your heart.

In the video, the poor pup was seen struggling to stay afloat and above water in what looks to be a bottom of a bridge. He leaps up the wall of the river but it’s too high to make it. Thankfully, two brave men went down to rescue him. A man can then be seen jumping into the river and retrieving the dog. The dog happily follows him as he makes his way down the river and grabs him by the scruff of the neck, carrying the dog through the river and over to a second man waiting on the riverbed. After the dog was rescued, he is so happy and thankful to the men that rescued him. It’s the dog’s reaction when he’s rescued that makes the video.

Source: www.ohmymag.com

If it wasn’t for those two brave guys, that pup would’ve drowned. So a big thanks to these two heroes! You guys are amazing!


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