He Thinks He’s Alone In The Barn, Then He Does Something Completely Unexpected!

He does something completely unexpected! (Video)

Fifty-year-old Jay Lavery has a small farm in the upstate New York town of Sharon Springs. Most of the time he can be found tending to his animals or taking care of things around the barn, doing whatever it takes to keep the farm running smoothly. Based on that description, Jay might seem like a pretty straightforward guy, and for the most part he is. There is, however, another side of his personality that comes out from time to time.

Jay Lavery shared a side of himself that, to that point, had only been known to close friends. Two weeks later, the world is in on his “secret.” On that day, the New York farmer uploaded a video of him dancing to Sia’s hit “Cheap Thrills” while going about his barn chores and tending to the goats he takes care. The response to the video was almost immediate. To date, it’s been viewed more than 9 million times! But it’s not just Lavery’s on-point dance moves that are attracting so much attention. It’s also his story!

He suffered several back surgeries!

Dancing — along with yoga and meditation — are part of his continued strategy to deal with a major back injury he sustained 15 years ago, prompting several surgeries and continual back pain. He hoped he would inspire anyone to move in spite of pain and I hope this puts a smile on your face.” And he is clearly accomplishing just that, bringing together a unique plurality of fans — “people who love goats, people who have back issues, people who are getting older and… people who just love hay,”  But he never thought that would go viralThis video will surely make you smile!

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