He wants to go inside but nobody opens the door: look how far his intelligence goes!

 Look how far his intelligence goes! (Video)

The dog is perhaps the best friend of man, but he’s not always the smartest animal of all. However, some dogs have exceptional intelligence and this Labrador, whose name is Lucky, she is definitely one of them. In the video you will see that Lucky is stuck outside the house and the door has been locked behind her. She went out, as usual, to do take care of her physiological needs, and now she wants to come back inside the house. The temperature continues to fall and staying outside on the threshold of the door becomes more and more unbearable!

She has learned to open the door like a real human being, by turning the handle, but someone has locked the door from the inside. Sometimes, animals surprise us with their actions. Especially our pets. Lucky didn’t desist in trying to enter her house. Outside was cold and she was alone. What she does at this point is amazing! She has figured out how to get back inside the house.

Endowed with an exceptional intelligence!

Lucky could have wisely waited for her owner to open the door, but the dog decided to take action. After an unsuccessful attempt, the dog resolved to ask for help from the humans … and simply rang the door several times to let her human know when she’s ready to come inside. Now, watching her, we wonder what Lucky can do at home. Maybe she can also change the TV channel? Watch how far she goes! It’s impressive! What a smart dog!

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