He was saved an hour before certain death, his story will give you chills!

His story will give you chills!

The story of this mixed breed poodle dog, Edie, was going to have a terrible ending, but fortunately, some guardian angels were watching over him! He was saved one hour before euthanasia.

He had been brought into a shelter and his fur was filled with mattes. Edie was so scared to be in the shelter that he was deemed un-adoptable and slotted for euthanasia. Luckily, a kind person noticed Edie and decided they would not let the shelter euthanize this scared little dog. With the help of Hope for Paws (HFP), an animal welfare association, Edie was brought into the vet for an examination. As can be seen in the video, Edie was literally terrified, and the first meeting with the HFP volunteers was not easy! Once he realized that the people there were there to help him, he felt safe, he calmed down and turned into a loving, amazing dog. But just look at the magical transformation that takes place shortly after…


Source: www.regardecettevideo.fr

As the video shows, a shelter can be a scary place – so it is important that adopters remember this and not overlook dogs, like Edie, who just need a good hug and proper care.


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