RESCUE: Heartless Thugs Break Dog’s Leg And Left His Mouth Looking Like The Joker

Rescuers found the dog in time to save his life (Video)

Although South Korea has laws to protect animals, this horrific incident in Seoul is typical of the way animals, especially dogs, are often treated in the country. In Seoul, a six-month-old female Golden Retriever named Bobby was left for dead after cruel thugs left her mouth looking like the Joker in Batman and broke her front right paw. The puppy was deliberately burned with a small flamethrower gun. If that isn’t enough, she was left gagged with a rope so no one would be able to hear her in the middle of a filthy wasteland. Though it is unclear for how long it was before rescuers reached her, it is clear that they found her in time to save her life.

At first, Bobby was unable to eat or drink. However, since her miraculous operation along with laser surgery to heal her severely wounded legs, Bobby is making excellent progress. Even more incredible is that the pup still shows the same exuberant love and affections for humans that she had before her savage attack, hobbling over to vets and wagging her tail in happiness. A spokesman for the shelter said: “We were eager to treat Bobby. There were many traces of abuse all over her body. Even though she was strong enough to heal from the many injuries and illness, she will need a lot of support to be strong again. The wound on her mouth was likely caused by a knife but it could also have been a flamethrower.”

A courageous dog with a heart of gold

“We don’t know why they would do that. We are trying to find the person who did this to her. We have asked anybody with information to contact us anonymously. The puppy is very lucky to be alive and we will make sure she is taken care of.” When animals go through physical abuse even much less severe than Bobby’s, it is common for them to be nervous around people. These fears can cause them to react aggressively. This is astonishingly not the case here. Watch the video, she’s making excellent progress.

Bobby had always been a loving pup. It appears she is not going to let a few stupid thugs diminish the love she had for people before her vicious attack.

She loves her care-givers, volunteers from the We Love Dogs animal welfare organization who were responsible for raising the funds for her treatment.


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