Heartless Woman Caught on Camera Abandoning Her Senior Dog And Drives Off In Her Tesla

Woman caught on camera abandoning her dog (Video)

A woman abandoned her dog at a park in Vancouver, north of Portland, the entire incident was caught on a nearby home surveillance camera. The video footage showed the pet’s female owner pull into a parking spot in her gray Tesla Model 3. She gets out of the luxury electric car and opens the back door to let her excited dog, a yellow Labrador, ready for a stroll in the park. As the happy boy is wagging his tail, the cruel owner seems to lure him into the wooded area in anticipation a walk around the beauty spot.

The animal wags his tail and looks at his owner thinking she are walking him towards a wooded area. She then tricks the dog and dashes back to the car before the dog can follow her, and drives off without it. Watching the cruel scene has made many people on social media tearful, but luckily, the boy was rescued and well cared for by the staff at I Paw’d It Forward. The non-profit reminds everyone that this case is a constant reminder not to stay indifferent: “If you see something, say something. This is what a dog that has just been abandoned looks like. They are still here. They are still waiting. They are still searching for you to return. They are confused. They do not understand why the humans they devoted their lives to, have disappeared.” Brandon Price, the man whose security cameras recorded this disturbing incident said: “We have seen a lot of things on our cameras, and this is something we never expected to see. Nor ever wanted to see.”

She then tricks the dog and dashes back to the car

Brandon and his girlfriend come to help the abandoned dog, whose name is Henry. “After we got him, we contacted I Paw’d It Forward animal shelter to come to get him and take him to the humane society,” said Brandon. He can see why someone might not expect such a cruel act from someone who drives a Tesla, “but honestly, over the years, I have learned to never judge a book by its cover.” He also added that we all should be aware there are “some ugly people out there.” Watch the video, there is no reason to do this, NONE, there are a bunch of excuses, but no reasons!

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