Heartwarming Moment – A Dog Is Rescued After Getting Stuck For 4 Days In A Sewer

This dog was trapped in a sewer (Video)

Most animals are born with an innate sense of adventure. Unfortunately, it can also get the silly critters into some seriously dangerous situations, like this poor dog who found himself stuck inside a sewer likely after chasing some smaller animal into it. When residents of Buenos Aires, Argentina, noticed two little paws sticking out from the cement near a sewer, they knew there was a dog in some need of major assistance.

The neighbors started to bring food and water to the sewer. The dog was frightened and confused. The German Shepherd had apparently been trapped in the small space for about four days before authorities were able to finally set him free. They tried to pull him out with great effort. It’s difficult to imagine how scared and stressed out this dog felt while he waited for a helping hand, but I’m so glad they could safely retrieve him.

A successful rescue operation

It took some rescue workers to pry the pup free after smashing some of the concrete blocking his exit. In the video, we can see the workers making a hole up in the sewer, going down and pulling the dog up. Once he was back on solid ground, another caretaker from the Civil Defence Force made sure to shower him with plenty of affection. No family has reported a lost dog, so he is waiting for a new one. Apparently, there are a lot of people wanting him. Watch the video and see the incredible moment he’s freed.

However, it’s hard not to see the pain in his eyes from his experience. Here’s hoping he finds a kind family to adopt him ASAP so he never has to worry about anything like this ever again.

Source: www.youtube.com

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