Her baby was sick…checking how he was, what she discovered melt my heart!

What she discovered melt my heart

It’s never fun or easy when children are sick. All you want to do is make them feel better. You give them their medicine and snacks. You give them a blanket and teddy bear. Maybe you turn on their favorite animated show. You do whatever helps. In some cases, the only help a baby needs is from their dog.

Toby, a rescue dog, saw to it that his toddler, Carter, was warm and snuggly on the couch while he watched cartoons. When Carter’s mother, Devin Crouch, turns the corner while filming the touching scene, Toby’s paw is seen wrapped firmly around the poorly toddler in an obvious display of compassion. As the aptly worded lyrics to a song in the cartoon ring out –  ‘friends help each other, yes they do‘ – it seems loving pooch Toby has been taking notes. 

Heartwarming moment!

Toby was adopted by Mrs Crouch and her partner Jake – after his previous owner abandoned him outside a local bank. The couple soon had a baby, Carter, and as the boy grew up he and Toby became inseparable. This video captures the heartwarming moment, Toby protectively cuddles his sick best friend Carter as the adorable pair lie on the sofa watching cartoons.

The show sees Daniel the tiger invite a new generation of preschoolers into the Neighborhood of Make-Believe every day – sharing adventures with O the Owl and Katerina Kittycat. It seems Toby and Carter are as indiscriminate about their choice of friends as the show’s characters.

Carter’s mother documents the pair’s close bond in a series of online blog posts, which see Toby and Carter asleep in bed together, playing in the garden and even in the bath.

Source: happytoutou.com

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