Hilarious Duo – Donkey Joins in Man’s Rendition of The Lion King Song

The donkey has since gone viral for his vocals (Video)

Walt Disney is known for creating some of the greatest movies ever made. In June 1994, Disney released what would become one of its most popular movies of all time…the Lion King. Not only was the storyline incredible, but also the music. Viewers of all ages learned the lyrics to the different songs. That included a man by the name of Travis Kinley from South Carolina, who posted this hilarious video.

While working around his horse and a donkey named Nathan, Kinley discovered something interesting. After showing his horse and his donkey, the man in a blue t-shirt starts singing the opening lines of ‘Circle of Life’. Apparently, the donkey also enjoys singing tunes from the Lion King. Kinley recorded a video that’s since gone viral, showing people around the world the unique ability of his four-legged friend. The video has since got 3 million views.

The video soon became a social media sensation

Kinley seems shocked at first but continues singing with his animal. They like a proper duo while singing together. You can see Kinley chuckle and why not, the scene’s funny. Nathan’s vocals really are quite impressive. It seems that he enjoys singing just as much as Kinley. It’s obvious these two share a special bond. While Nathan pretty much stole the show, you have to give some credit to Kinley as well. After all, he’s the one that got this whole thing going. Watch the video, together they’re a fantastic duo !

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