Hilarious Heated Argument Between A Man And A Grumpy Goat Has The Internet Cracking Up

Hilarious heated argument (Video)

Some conflicts in life are just unavoidable. This is definitely a fight you don’t want to pick with a goat, especially this feisty guy. This little troublemaker stars in a video that Sky Garnick posted after a visit to 3 Spear Ranch in Dubois, Wyoming. By the time we tune in, it’s obvious this heated argument’s been going on for a while, and Mr. Goat is just standing there trying to come up with a zinger. If that doesn’t happen, he’ll have to take drastic measures. Thankfully, his friends recorded the cute exchange.

You wouldn’t want to get in the middle of this argument! The little goat argues his case in a hilarious series of bleats, and not that we’re fluent in goat or anything, but we’ll give it a shot. That’s what you get when you lose your temper while the camera’s rolling. Thankfully, Sky rises above his new goat friend’s petulance. At this point, though, the fussy goat probably thinks Sky is either a little slow or really hard of hearing and all he has to do is refuse louder. But even that doesn’t work. Eventually, Sky tries to make up with a loving kiss, but you can imagine exactly how that goes…

Nothing like a good headbutt to show who’s boss

A heated debate with Garick saying he refuses to take the trash out, no matter how many times the goat asks. “That goat makes a much better argument than I do,” one viewer noted. The video was uploaded a little more than a month ago but has already taken the internet by storm by garnering more than 2 million views.  Watch the whole hysterical back-and-forth to see who wins (if anyone)!

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