Horse Swims In The Ocean To Meet Dolphins – Moment Extremely Unique And Beautiful

 The dolphins enjoy the horse’s company and often try to play with him (Video)

Horses are magnificent creatures that are so gentle and loving. They make friends with most animals they meet but dolphins and horses are two animals who, you would think, would be unlikely friends. However this horse decided to look to the sea to find his next group of best pals. This video prove they, in fact, have a special and unique connection when they come into close proximity with each other.

Handler Lara Beth, who swims her horses on the beaches of South Australia, describes one of her young racehorses, Breeze, as a “dolphin magnet” who seems to attract the dolphins. When Breeze decided to have a little fun and trot in the water, fins appeared. Most would be frightened if they saw a fin swimming towards them. Luckily, it was three playful dolphins who swam alongside them. The handler said the dolphins enjoy the company of horses and often try to play with them, adding the connection is “extremely unique and beautiful”.“The dolphins must sense the horses’ heartbeat or walking noise and make a beeline for us. They then swim with us, playing and darting in between the horses encouraging the horses to play with them,” she said.

Extremely unique and beautiful

The woman thanked the dolphins and watched as they ‘chased’ Breeze in the water. At one point, the woman commended the dolphins on their good behavior. All the while Breeze was taking in the fresh air and enjoying time with his new friends. All animals in this video seem to be enjoying themselves, and a magical moment is caught on film. Animals will always amaze us if we pause and take notice. Watch the video who shows three dolphins swimming just inches from the horse in the shallow water.

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