Hospitalized for 4 months, She Will be Surprised by The Visit From Her Dog!

She breaks down in tears when her dog is brought in! (Video)

Humans and their service dogs share an incredibly close bond. That’s because one’s service dog is practically a part of them. A service dog can act as one’s ears and or eyes and they provide so many benefits to the owner. Well beyond assisting them with their disabilities or other medical issues. “Service dogs are always great pets because they not only provide company and joy to the people who they work with but also serve as great friends. The beautiful relationship with the service dog can be established in no time that help the people who are physically not fit and have some disability,” United Service Dog explains.

Bailey Niccole is extremely attached to her service dog. That’s why it was extremely difficult for her to be away from her dog Sydni. Health issues forced Bailey into an extended stay at a hospital in Texas City, Texas. Unfortunately, Syndi wasn’t allowed to stay in the hospital with her. The two were separated for four long months. So, it was an especially sweet moment when she was completely taken by surprise with a visit from Syndi while she was in the hospital. The video of their heartwarming reunion was taken by a friend or family member who was secretly filming Bailey while casually asking her some questions. She was asked how a recent visit went to which Bailey replied “good.”

A heartwarming reunion

Her hands fly up to her mouth and she starts breaking down in tears. That’s when Sydni comes into view and jumps up against the hospital to greet Bailey while wagging her tail like crazy. Bailey is completely bawling this moment and very loudly. She’s basically ugly crying, as they say, and its the most beautiful thing. Sydni is plastering Bailey with kisses you can hear the sound of the dog’s tail loudly hitting something as the dog is so happy to see Bailey. Syndi them whimpers because she’s so happy to see Bailey. “Sydni, I love you,” she tells her dog. Watch the video, she can be seen sitting on a hospital bed when suddenly, her dog is brought in. She instantly starts crying!

Bailey gets a phone call and is explaining through happy tears what is going on as Sydni jumps up on the bed with her.

 She instantly starts crying, not able to stop even when she has to take a phone call.


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