They’re not sure how their adopted cat would react to their baby, look what happened!

The first reaction

Anyone who has grown up together with a pet has many stories about the wonderful experience that they had, and about the complicity established with their four-legged friend! This beautiful child’s parents decided to adopt an abandoned cat! They did not, however, know how the cat would react to or behave with their baby son. Nevertheless, they wanted to try anyway, to see what would happen.

Figuring out whether babies and pets are a good mix can be a challenge, which is why these parents were worried about how their cat might react to the new addition to the family. Cats want a lot of affection, but babies need it even more. That’s why a cat might get jealous when there’s a new child in the house. But lucky for them, Lemsie has the perfect reaction to his new little chum and it’s making our hearts melt. Lemsie adores his new buddy and comes running every time he makes a sound.

An Adopted Cat And The Family’s Baby Meet!

This adorable video shows the beginning of their precious friendship. The toddler goes straight in for a snuggle with the four-legged creature and after a moment of contemplation, Lemsie starts to lick his new buddy affectionately.We don’t know about you, but we’d like to trade places pronto with this baby and get a bit of Lemsie action!

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