Husky Patiently Teaches His Blind And Scared Brother To Jump Down A Bench

Husky patiently teaches his blind brother (Video)

Sightless dog initially appears scared while pacing back and forth on the outdoor bench in China. He eventually makes the leap of faith after his younger brother, Ju Bao, repeatedly encouraged him and patiently showed him how – despite the fact that Da Bao can’t see. According to the dogs’ owner, Mr Chen, Da Bao and Ju Bao are five years old and came from the same litter.

The video shared by Mr Chen starts by showing Da Bao whining while poking his head over the edge of the bench. He managed to overcome his fear and jump down the bench at the resort after getting stuck on it. Seconds later, Ju Bao leaps onto the bench in an apparent attempt to help his brother. He tries to drag his brother by biting the back of his neck before jumping down the bench to teach him. Da Bao, whose name can be translated as ‘big treasure’, was born without eyeballs. Therefore, Ju Bao, also known as ‘giant treasure’, has been acting as his eyes all these years. To look after Da Bao, Mr Chen opened a pet resort in Xiangyang so that he could spend more time with him and his other dogs.

The two huskies’ brotherhood has moved millions of people

‘Da Bao loves interacting with people, but because of his birth defect, he is more scared of strangers,’ said Mr Chen. ‘On the other hand, Ju Bao has a strong sense of justice and has been protecting Da Bao since they were puppies.’ Watch the video, this is the heartwarming moment a blind husky finally finds the courage to hop down a bench with the help of his caring brother.

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