Husky Totally Confused By German Shepherd Puppy Addition – Priceless Reaction

Husky saw the puppy for the first time (Video)

The internet has been surrounded by an adorable video these days, after one of the families bought a new puppy. But when deciding to adopt a second dog, many precautions must be taken so that the first dog does not feel injured and is not jealous. It is therefore important to follow certain steps very precisely so that cohabitation takes place for the better and that the two furballs can become friends! In this video, an animal-loving family with a Husky decided to adopt a second dog, an adorable German Shepherd puppy.

Since they already have one Siberian Husky dog, they recorded her response on camera at the first meeting. Shira, the family Husky is in front of the box with the baby German Shepherd inside. The arrival of a new member of the family is a happy event which can be very dangerous if the two dogs don’t get along at first. Shira is a little wary of this new arrival in her house. The puppy, named Enzo, is curious but respects his eldest and does not move. During these presentations, the owner of the two doggies talks to them and hugs them so that they feel loved and reassured by this somewhat stressful situation.

The first contact

Confused and perplexed in front of this puppy that does not move an inch, Shira inspects the box in which he is located at length and seems to question his human to understand the situation. But there is already not the slightest aggressiveness between the two doggies. They look at each other and finally accept each other. The dogs will surely live a beautiful friendship when we see this magnificent encounter very gently! Watch the video, this moment moved many Internet users who fell in ecstasy before this first contact.

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