Tormented In A Circus For Years – Lion Feels Grass Beneath His Paws For 1st Time!

Feels grass for the first time! (Video)

There are 19 countries in the world that prohibit circuses with wild animals, according to PETA. Unfortunately, many countries remain on the list that still allow this practice. In Brazil a wonderful opportunity was given to the lion named Will to know for the first time the feeling of grass  beneath his paws. Before being rescued and taken to this sancturay, Will was forced to perform in a traveling circus for 13 years, confined to a cramped cage and denied any semblance of a normal existence.

Thanks to the kind hearts of the group that rescues domestic, exotic and wild animals from abusive environments, that all changed. The video, released by the ecological sanctuary, captured the amazing moment that the lion touched grass and soil for the very first time. Within seconds, the beautiful animal that had known only the feel of a cold metal floor on his paws, appears baffled at first, and then, what can only be described as pure joy and amazement at the sensation of feeling the soft earth as he runs his paws through the soil.

Finally free!

Will’s reaction to the grass that covers his sprawling new home is equally ecstatic. Despite his age, advanced for his species, the lion rolls around like a happy cub discovering life’s simple pleasures. But perhaps the most touching part of Will’s transition into his new sanctuary can be seen in this moment of repose, as if most impressed not by the feeling of dirt or grass, but by a newfound sense of peace. Watch the video, this is a precious moment! It’s awful to see how people exploit wildlife — don’t forget to share this article to help show that you stand against wildlife being used in circuses. 

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