Injured Mama Horse Can’t Get Up, Baby Horse Refuses To Leave Her Side!

Baby horse refuses to leave her side! (Video)

If you’ve ever watched a nature show or adventured in the great outdoors, then you know wild animals often find themselves caught in serious situations. Unfortunately, they’re often without any help because they are not domesticated and are generally frightened of humans. Thankfully the RSPCA, or Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, comes to the rescue when these sort of situations arise. As soon as the RSPCA heard about a gray momma horse whose foot became entangled in her own knotted mane, they rushed to the scene.

As soon as they spotted her, they realized that she couldn’t free her foot to stand up, no matter how hard she tried. Momma’s sweet brown foal was frantic and refused to leave her side even though the scary humans were so close. The baby just doesn’t know what to do and runs around. The foal must have been terrified to see its mother in such a predicament. So when volunteers with the RSPCA showed up, the baby fled away initially but remained close to its beloved mom. He watched warily from a safe distance. This poor baby is so nervous, but realizes that the humans are there to help his momma. He scoots all around near her, keeping a watchful eye on what’s happening.

The rescuers worked diligently to free her!

The baby observed the rescuers trying their best to help Momma get back on her feet. They knew they had to work quick, though since she still is a wild and unpredictable animal. But she is desperately in need of their help. But with all their might, they couldn’t free her without cutting quite a bit of her hair off. Sadly, even after they cut her hair, Momma struggled to regain her footing. She had been trapped in that position for who knows how long and her body appeared to be quite stiff. She looked so feeble and helpless! After minutes of waiting patiently, the rescue staff realized that she still couldn’t stand. Thankfully, this situation changed as well. This horse realized that the humans were there to help and allowed them to continue to assist her. Watch the video, this touching scene will melt your heart, freedom was so close!

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