Injured Pigeon Flies Into Home And Snuggles up to Gentle Dog Standing at The Window

Pigeon snuggles up to gentle dog (Video)

Lawyer Viktoriya Belostotskaya, 33, from Belgorod, Russia, was filming her dog standing on her hindlegs, looking inquisitively out of an open window. The footage shows a pigeon land next to the Labrador’s leg, where it sits tentatively. Yunona, the one-year-old Labrador, inspects the new arrival with her nose. 

The pigeon is then taken away from its new canine acquaintance by Viktoriya, who pans in on the bird’s dirty and disfigured feet. When Viktoriya puts the lame pigeon back on the window, having first cleaned up its feet, it nestles into Yunona’s shoulder, seemingly appreciative of the warmth. It chose to remain and hang out with the dog! It literally walks over and sets down on the dog’s paw to relax and take in the view with its newfound friend. Yunona, meanwhile, is surprisingly unperturbed by the avian encounter, continuing to look out of the window.

The pigeon remain and hang out with the dog

The pigeon attempts to establish itself in the space between Yunona’s two paws, which are gripping the window frame and keeping her upright on her hindlegs. The video cuts as Yunona begins prodding her pigeon companion with her nose, nearly knocking it off balance and back out of the window from whence it came. An internet user commented: ‘Why fly away from where you feel so good? The behaviour of the animal depends a lot on the owner. You are both great!’ Watch the video, it’s truly a wonderful moment.

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