Koala Mum Proves That Juggling Three Kids At Once Is No Easy But Possible

A mother from another level (Video)

Baby cuddles are one of the best things about parenting. Baby cuddles by three creatures at the same time is taking that to another level. This koala, who lives at the Billabong Zoo in Australia, proves parenting sometimes means cuddling all of the kiddos at once in an adorable video. Every parent of a toddler is familiar with the kicks and squirms. But add two more toddlers and it’s less of a joy and more of a battle.

Toddlers love to sit on you. They climb on your head and take over your personal space. Add two more toddlers to that scenario and you’ll understand this koala mum. She handles three kids crawling on her like a pro. She may give mums all over the world, both human and animal, the motivation they need to get going today. If you’re a mum of three young ones, you might want to watch this video of a koala mum handling three kids.

She handles three kids crawling on her like a pro

Koalas are probably some of the best parents in the animal world. Baby koalas, called joeys, take months to come out of their mother’s pouch. It may very well be motivational in ways you never could have expected. Now, these three don’t fully belong to her. This koala from the Billabong Zoo in Australia was actually babysitting other joeys. The zoo handlers said all of the joeys love to hang out together. Watch the video, these babies and the mum are cuter than cute!

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