Little Dog Fought Hard Until He Was Thankfully Rescued Struggling Alone in The Ocean

Man jumps into agitated sea to save the dog (Video)

A group of friends in Florida were simply enjoying a day out at sea, when suddenly, their adventure turned into a rescue mission. They took their boat to spend a day out at sea. As they enjoyed the sun and each other’s company, they suddenly spotted something in the corner of their eye, and soon realised that it was a little dog!

The dog is visibly exhausted, and hardly keeping its head above water. It’s clear that this little guy has been swimming for some time, desperately trying to get back to land. Without hesitating for a single second, one of the men on the boat threw himself into the water. He swam out to the Jack Russell, grabbed him, and took him back to the boat where his friends lifted him up and placed him safely on the deck. Thankfully, the little dog had a collar with his owners’ phone number on it. Within minutes, he was reunited with his very worried owners. 

Saved in the nick of time

This little guy fought, he fought hard, and he stuck it out until he was thankfully rescued.“He was hopping around the back of the boat ‘biting’ at the waves that were passing by, and I guess in one of these moments he must’ve jumped a little too high and jumped overboard.” explained the owner. It wasn’t initially noticed that Zuko had gone overboard. For that reason, when it registered that he was gone, everyone just assumed he was still on the boat and had gone off in search of a toy. When they finally realized that their dog was no longer on the boat, they tried to retrace their steps. This pup was so lucky that this group of friends spotted him. Watch the video, I hope that his owners have learned a valuable lesson and will outfit him with a puppy dog life jacket for future boating excursions.

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