Little Dog Left Home Alone Realises He’s Being Watched – His reaction is adorable

Dog’s reaction when he hears owner’s voice (Video)

Days can sometimes be long and lonely for dogs left to fend for themselves at home. Until their owners return, many dogs have separation anxiety and might even get into a little trouble. We all know dogs are fully devoted to their owners and crave their affection 24/7. Unfortunately, we can’t always be home with our best pals so people have gotten very creative when it comes to checking in on their pets. But there’s a solution for that!Ever wanted to check in on your doggo back at home while you were out and about?

After hearing her owner’s voice, Bella, a six-month-old Mini Goldendoodle, came running to find him. She looks around but does not find him anywhere in her sight! The excitement on Bella’s face was truly adorable and it was all because she heard her beloved owner, Scott, calling out to her. Even though Scott wasn’t physically at home, he used the ‘Two-Way Talk’ on his Ring Indoor Cam to communicate with Bella. “Bella? Where are you?” Scott said through the Ring Cam.

The surprise on her face is adorable

She seems slightly perplexed but determined. Her little paws are moving very strategically through the room. Her head turns and looks up toward the ceiling and then back down as she edges closer to the camera. “Are you getting into trouble?” Scott asks through the Ring Cam. She ran in the direction of the camera but still doesn’t see Scott. He spoke again and told her he’s coming home soon. The surprise on her face is adorable when she finally figures out where the voice is coming from. Watch the video, she starts to lick the camera with affectionate kisses for her owner.

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