She bends down next to a dog in the shelter. The next part will surprise you!

The next part will surprise you!

Watching this emotional video, you will be able to understand the true power of adoption. Every dog deserves a safe home and a loving family. But the sad truth is many dogs do not live this lush life. They are confined behind a glass window inside a shelter all day, not able to dig up the yard to bury a bone or play with their family. Pet shelters are an unfortunate part of reality for many animals. There simply aren’t enough forever homes to go around and lots of worthy pets end up residing at shelters, until they are eventually euthanized. The sad look on the dog’s face at the start of this video suggests that they are well aware of this possibility.

This is the life Suzie the beagle lived. She arrived at a Baltimore shelter when she was just 2 years old, longing for companionship. Then, her life changed just a few days after being in the Maryland SPCA shelterSuzie’s sadness and longing for a family tugged on hearts everywhere. The video began with a shelter worker passing the solemn Suzie stuck behind the glass. As the worker wrote “adopted” on her neighbor doggie’s tag, Suzie hopelessly gazed at what she wished would happen for her. And she waited and waited, knowing her neighbor was now with a forever family. A couple walked by and stopped at her glass cage.

Could this be her family?

A little girl and her parent approached, and Suzie’s eyes followed them as they too passed by. But then, the little girl came back. The sad pup bent her paw, longing for the girl to notice her. As the girl bent down, she looked Suzie in the eyes and pressed her hand against the glass. Suzie tapped her paw on the glass, too, as to touch the little girl’s hand; maybe this was her chance. Suzie’s sweet story was such at hit that the video quickly went viral upon its release. The ending to this video is too perfect, so you will need to watch it in its entirety. If this video doesn’t move you, check your pulse!

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