Little Girl Is Reunited With The Donkey She Helped Raise – Emotional Reunion

A beautiful emotional reunion (Video)

It’s well known that animals can also be bored. Those who say that animals have no emotions, certainly they never saw, for example, a reunion between a dog and his owner. When a dog has not seen his owner for a long time, the meeting can be memorable and overwhelming. But dogs aren’t the only ones capable of this unconditional love! Did you know that donkeys can sometimes get bored? It’s also the case of this donkey.

If there’s one thing capable up picking up your day and giving you a dose of cuteness, we’re confident it’s this magical clip. This young girl wandered out to visit her donkey, loudly calling his name as she arrived before the surrounding metal fence. But what is unusual in this story is that they have a very special way of communicating. With much gentleness and tenderness, they’re seen talking in their own way. As the furry pal made his way around a wooden barrier and noticed his friend awaiting nearby, he began to cry out in excitement and make his way to the outskirts of the enclosure.

Priceless donkey’s reaction

Arms stretched out, the little girl continued to encourage the donkey until he was nuzzled in her arms, ready for a heartfelt hugs and some slobbery kisses! Continuing to scream in excitement, even the animal’s closed mouth could not muffle his sound as the little girl scratched her buddy’s head and gave him an abundance of love and attention. The clip went viral, sending viewers into a tizzy over the adorable reunion and the profound love this farm animal has for his best friend. Watch the video, the two have a beautiful embrace and the donkey has a very heartwarming reaction. 

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