Little Pug Meets Two Very Curious Otters – The Dog’s Reaction Is Priceless

The dog’s reaction is priceless (Video)

It’s wonderful how such an adorable bond can be formed between pets and wild animals – as you can see in this video. Improbable friendships are fascinating and we are always hypnotized watching this kind of encounter. This is the case of these two very curious young otters who have been rescued and who meet a puppy.

But these adorable and kind otters, instead of running away, decided to continue playing with the puppy, a young pug. Intrigued at first, the dog quickly understands that the strange visitors are there to play. Luckily, the dog’s owner grabbed her phone to film this wonderful playtime moment between three completely different friends – a friendship like this is truly rare!

It’s really wonderful to see them play

An endless hide and seek will begin. Seeing these three animals play and so different is really wonderful to watch. The video is touching and once again highlights the playful side and the great intelligence of otters. We love stories of unusual friendships. This one is particularly cute and will melt your heart! Watch the video, it’s really adorable!

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