Lonely And Chained His Entire Life, Dog Arrives To Place He Can Finally Call Home

Priceless reaction when he arrives to his new home (Video)

At just over a year old, Buster had never known anything besides the loneliness and neglectfulness at the end of a chain. The owners wrapped the chain around his neck, and as he grew, the links became embedded in his skin, causing a raw, infected wound. He was unable to run around like other dogs, and he was lucky if he got any food for the day. But everything changed when some PETA fieldworkers found him.

They noticed the dog’s neck wound and skin condition. They approached the owners and thankfully, they decided to give the dog to PETA, which was fortunate because Buster might not have lived much longer if he had stayed with them. They provided him with emergency vet care and lots of TLC. As his physical wounds healed, he also started to come out of his shell. While Buster got the treatment he needed and recovered, they searched for the perfect forever home for him.

They searched for the perfect forever home for him

And he got just that! Adoption day had arrived, and Buster was on his way to a place he could truly call home for the first time in his life. He was excited as he got in the vehicle, giving plenty of kisses to the people who helped save his life. Buster was taken to the door to wait to go inside his new home. Watch the video, as he waits at the door for his new family to answer, try not to cry.

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