Heartwarming Moment- Lost Dog Reunites With Owner After Being Found 240 Miles Away

Heartwarming moment (Video)

Ashley disappeared from Brittney Novickis’ home in Savannah, Georgia, and wound up in Daytona Beach, Florida. The five-year-old husky escaped from a door that was left open by a dog-sitter. Her owner, Novickis, looked for Ashley around her neighborhood for hours and then posted on Facebook. ‘I just can’t help thinking where she is and what she’s doing,’ Novickis wrote. ‘If someone has her I hope you’re taking care of her and giving her the love she had in our home.’

Unfortunately, the dog had no collar or microchip, so she was named Kit and put up for adoption by the Halifax Humane Society in Florida. An advocate for lost-and-found dogs, Hailey Lingo, saw a post on Ashley and suspected it could be the husky at the shelter, and reached out to Novickis. ‘I had just gotten off the Halifax Humane Society Facebook page and then read about Ashley on a lost and found page out of south Georgia,’ said Lingo. ‘I said, “Hey that looks like a dog I just saw on the humane society page.”‘ Novickis contacted the humane society and traveled to Florida the very next day.

A touching video shows the moment her owner approached the kennel

Ashley jumped up and down, recognizing her owner immediately. ‘I was so excited. I knew it was her instantly,’ Novickis said. ‘I saw her goofy little grin and just knew.’ The humane society representative was not sure how Ashley managed to travel more than 200 miles. ‘How Ashley made her way to Daytona Beach from Savannah is a mystery. The assumption is she was picked up and driven to the area, where she escaped again or was let loose,’ the representative said. The rep stressed the importance of microchipping pets to reunite them with their owners in case they get lost. Watch the video, you can see Ashley visibly instantly recognised her human. The second the kennel cage was opened, Ashley leaped at her owner, who carried her in her arms.

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