Loyal Dog Chases Owner’s Taxi After Being Abandoned – Local Authorities Intervene

Dog chases owner’s taxi (Video)

The dog is undoubtedly Man’s best friend. Our furry friends are faithful and loving beings, yet many people continue to break their hearts. Recently, a motorcyclist filmed the bleak moment when a puppy chased a taxi after being abandoned by his owner. The woman inside the taxi was trying to leave without him. “The dog was running behind the car. You can clearly see the dog wants to get into the car but they just ignore it” said the motorcyclist.

The doggo risks his life by running across the road and keeping up with the vehicle. Eventually the vehicle stopped and the monstrous woman was confronted by the authorities. However, instead of taking responsibility for her unreasonable acts, the woman denied that the animal was hers and assured that he was a street dog. The poor animal even tried to get into the vehicle and began to whimper. At that moment, the woman decided to tell another version of the story and said the dog was from a friend.

The monstrous woman was confronted by the authorities

In spite of everything, the incident turned out to have an encouraging ending. The puppy was adopted, at the moment, by someone who witnessed the scene. Sure enough, he is now with a more dedicated and responsible family! Watch the video, the dog desperately chases the taxi in “escape” but the local authorities intervene.

Despite the uncomfortable situation, everything went well for the loving dog.

Source: www.youtube.com

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