Mailman When Realizes His Favorite Dog Couldn’t Greet Him, Comes Up With A GENIUS Plan!

A genius plan! (Video)

The relationship between mail carriers and dogs have been played out in movies and cartoons as natural enemies. But in a small town in Colorado, one mailman’s bond with a household pet along his daily delivery route shows that dogs really are man’s best friend. Every now and again however it can be said that the stereotype falls far short of reality. In the case of one old dog and one mailman, the story is actually quite different. Mailman Jeff Kramer has long been friends with Tashi, a 14-year-old black Labrador who he greets daily on his USPS mail route. The two have liked each other from the first time they met.

Of course, as a longtime employee of the United States Postal Service, Jeff, 53, has made many close friends along the way. Still, he gets no greater joy than when he sees Tashi while out delivering the mail for the day. For years Tashi has greeted Jeff whenever he delivers mail to the Dimetrosky house, showing his affection in such a way that has become both heartwarming and far beyond the norm. Tashi has always found a reason to come and welcome Jeff as he goes about his job. But on a snowy day, the Labrador didn’t come to greet him. Which seemed strange since the snow never stop him. As the years went by, Kramer began to notice that his best furry friend seemed to be slowing down.

A sudden change!

Tashi was now 14 years old, and he had gained a lot of weight, making it harder for him to get around. As a result, the friendly Tashi could no longer make it down the stairs of the porch to greet the mailman like he always did. Kramer was saddened, he did not realize how much his four-legged friend has been struggling until he checked in with Tashi’s owners one day along with his mail route. Upon his visit, he noticed the extreme lengths the Dimetroskys had to go to just to get Tashi out of the house. When Jeff noticed a sudden change in the black Labrador, he knew right away that he had to help his old pal. Watch the video, the dog’s owner was very moved by his gift. He touched my heart too!

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