Man Begins Performing Popular Dance But His Horse Steals The Show

Horse steals the spotlight (Video)

Who doesn’t love watching cute animals do funny things? In a video uploaded by Olli Arnemann, he started to bust some moves to the popular dance routine, with his horse standing happily right next to him. Instead of doing the dance moves, the man trained his horse to dance along to the song, under his guidance, of course.

Arnemann filmed this video at a stunningly beautiful ranch with bright green grass in the background and a pen full of walked-on dirt decided to give the internet exactly that. He set the stage by having his horse stand in the center of the pen with the camera perfectly directed at the sweet creature. The horse’s brown and white spots on its coat looked beautiful as it found its rhythm and danced along to the catchy song. The highlight of the video is when the lyrics call for the dancer to put their hand on their side.

Smooth dance moves

Throughout the routine, the horse continued to show off just how smart and quick it was to pick up the smooth dance moves. Arnemann danced alongside his friend as the pair moved happily to the beat. While the moves may seem simple, getting such a large and elegant creature to perform such a stellar routine definitely made for an uplifting video. The horse was ready from the get-go, stealing the spotlight as soon as the camera began rolling and the song blasted across the pen. Watch the video, it’s a unique performance ! You can see the trust between the two as the bond they share is evident.

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