Man Climbs Into Pit To Save Cat, But The Kitty Has Other Plans!

The Kitty Has Other Plans!

Cats are pretty independent creatures. Sure, we feed them and care for them and give them lots of love, but at the end of the day they don’t really need us. A man trying to rescue a cat from giant pit discovered the cold hard truth about feline independence. Many people are well aware of the acrobatic prowess of cats. Time and time again we’ve seen videos of felines of all sizes doing incredible feats seemingly without any effort at all. But every once in awhile, even the most brave and agile cats find themselves outmatched, like the kitty in the hole in this video.

In this clip, a couple of Good Samaritans discover a cat stuck at the bottom of a hole. It’s so deep that one of the men has to retrieve a ladder to try and rescue the kitty from her unfortunate situation. At least, that was the man’s plan. But he never stops to think about how the cat might feel — or whether she needs to be rescued at all!

A hilarious scene!

Nonetheless, the man places the ladder into the hole and begins to climb down. If you look closely, you can see the kitty near the corner of the hole. She seems a little wary but curious as the man makes his way down. But when the man nears the bottom of the hole and looks at the cat, the completely unthinkable occurs! Watch the video, it’s so funny! The man is left standing on the backside of the the pit shocked on the mockery the cat has fabricated from his good intentions. 

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