Man Gives Dog 5 Dollars To Stop Barking But The Plan Totally Backfires – Hilarious

Dog’s reaction is hilarious (Video)

Meet Dipper. The 6-month-old Australian shepherd is “generally pretty mild-mannered,” said his mom, Jamie Fenn. But the adventurous pup also has quite a sassy, opinionated personality — one that his parents quickly learned. Jamie said that they even jokingly nickname him “aushole” for such times. One night, Dipper’s parents were getting ready for bed when Dipper decided that he definitely wasn’t tired yet and would rather throw a barking party instead.

“He was barking because we were starting to wind down for the night, and he decided he had different plans,” Fenn said. As a joke, Dipper’s dad, Atwood Cohoon Gallego, gave him five dollars to stop barking. It worked — the barking stopped! — but then backfired when they realized Dipper had no plans to give the five dollars back. “We realized Dipper didn’t want to give the money back about 10 seconds in,” Fenn said. “Dipper had stopped barking, so my boyfriend tried to take it back.” The pup kept tilting his head away from his dad’s hand, as if to say, “Finders keepers!”

The Plan Totally Backfires

Dipper was very excited about his money and saw no reason to give it back. Even though they wanted the five dollars back, his parents couldn’t stop laughing about how excited he was, and took a video of the adorableness. He jumped around with the money for a bit until, eventually, his parents were able to outsmart him. “We managed to trick him shortly after the video ended,” Fenn said. “We didn’t want him to start eating his newfound wealth.” Watch the video, the dog’s reaction is hilarious.

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