Man Gives His Paralyzed Senior Dog Pool Therapy – The Result Brings Everyone To Tears

The first steps after several therapy sessions (Video)

A good dog owner will do everything to make sure that their dog is happy and healthy. Kane, the husky of this story, has been a loyal and loving friend to his owner for years. However, one day Kane’s legs suddenly stopped working and the family didn’t know what to do. Pets are family and deserve to be treated just like any other family member. So this man gives his paralyzed Husky pool therapy to help relieve his pain, and the results are tear-jerking.

Kane was paralyzed and in extreme pain. Given the Husky’s advanced age, his owner knew that he wouldn’t survive an operation, and the pain medication he was given wasn’t strong enough to relieve his pain. The man wasn’t going to give up on his beloved pooch just yet. That’s when he came up with the idea of bringing his dog into the swimming pool with him to help relax his muscles. In fact, the swimming pool seemed to work a treat and it definitely brought a lot of relief to the dog. Happily, he was right! 

He started walking again!

Precious Kane finally had a few pain-free moments in the pool. After a few floating sessions at the pool, Kane even managed to do the impossible and started walking again! His beloved pet had started to get his personality back and lose some of the pain. Then something truly amazing happened. Kane began to start walking again He was a bit wobbly at first, but he was walking! Kane’s persistence is inspiring and comes as a reminder that given the right conditions, even senior dogs can flourish. Watch the video of the man giving his paralyzed husky pool therapy and the first steps of his dog after several sessions.

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