Man Kicks Cat Into The Sea At An Outdoor Restaurant – He Will Regret It

Man kicks cat into the Sea (Video)

A man has been arrested after allegedly kicking a kitten into the sea while dining at an outdoor restaurant on the island of Evia (Greece). In gross footage shared on social media, three people can be seen sitting at the seafront eatery when they’re approached by two felines. The cats seem timid and afraid to approach the man. However, the man then suddenly kicks one of the cats straight into the water

The other cat then begins approaching the man as he attempts to lure it closer to the water’s edge. As the man continues to try and lure the second cat into the water, it backs away and runs. A member of the party then entices one of the cats to the water’s edge with a fish before kicking the animal into the sea. When one kitten gets within inches from the side, it is kicked into the shallow waters below. A woman is heard laughing as the second kitten escapes. Locals reportedly took the kitten to a vet for examination and it was thankfully unharmed.

The man in the video has now been arrested

The video sparked outrage on social media in Greece, leading to the arrest of the man. If charged he could face up to 10 years in prison. He could also be slapped with a maximum fine of €50,000 (£42,000). Takis Theodorikakos, Greece’s police minister, condemned the act in a statement, saying: “Violence against animals is unacceptable. I cordially congratulate those who brought the matter to the public attention. In 2020, Greece passed a law that made serious animal abuse punishable by up to a decade behind bars.” The measure, which was unanimously voted through parliament, also ensures minimum one-year sentences and hefty fines. Watch the video, as one of the cats gets close to the food, the man moves his hands away, dangling it over the edge of the water.

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