Man Patiently Teaches ‘Aggressive’ Dog It’s OK To Have A Change Of Heart

Within some minutes the dog changed completely (Video)

We’ve probably all had the experience of asking whether we could pet someone’s dog only to have the dog completely ignore us or try to run away, and it’s not uncommon for adult rescue dogs to be a little aloof at first or even aggressive. It’s easy to take this personally and think that the dog doesn’t like us, but that’s because we’re looking at it from a human perspective.

When two human strangers meet, our rules say that we introduce ourselves and shake hands. Dogs don’t have that rule with other dogs or with humans. Dog socialization is different from human socialization. But in the end, all dogs want is to simply feel safe and loved. But sometimes, getting them there is no easy task. Just ask this dog behaviorist named Jay. Recently, Jay took to TikTok to demonstrate his method of earning the trust of an aggressive pup. Sitting down next to his kennel door — which is marked with a note reading “be cautious”Jay patiently endures the dog’s initially hostile reaction, ultimately showing him it’s OK to have a change of heart.

He wants to feel safe and loved

Within some minutes the dog changed completely, and for the better. He quieted down and became so calm that Jay felt safe enough to pet him. While there are numerous reasons a dog might show signs of aggression, there are few that can’t be remedied by patience, understanding and love. Or, as a dog behaviorist like Jay says, “Slow and steady wins the race.” Watch the video of Jay in action.

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