Missing Dog Recognizes Her Long Lost Owner By Smell After 2 Years Away

Dog recognizes her long lost owner! (Video)

Pakita was found alone on the streets of Argentina. The organization Arca Animal believed she was homeless and took her in so they could look after her in their shelter. The staff noticed that Pakita appeared sad and withdrawn, as if she were missing something in her life. The organization tried to find a new home for Pakita, but it was difficult. She was older than the other dogs at the shelter and was continually passed over by people looking for puppies. Pakita lived at the shelter for two long years while she waited for a new owner. But what the staff didn’t know was that Pakita already had a home — and a family that missed her immensely.

The staff decided to post a photo of Pakita on social media in order to let more potential owners know about her. They found it difficult to take a good picture of Pakita, as she turned away every time the staff picked up the camera. But fortunately, they persisted and finally managed to capture Pakita’s face and posted it on social media. Soon, a woman responded and said Pakita looked like her son’s dog, who had disappeared two years earlier. Ariel Naveira had lost Pakita when she escaped from his home. He searched for her, but after a while, he thought she must be dead. When he saw the picture, he couldn’t believe it. Could this be his dog?

Was this really his dog?

Ariel went to the shelter the next day to meet Pakita. But would she recognize him? After all, they had been separated for two years. When the staff took Pakita to meet Ariel, she was very withdrawn. She hid behind a volunteer and seemed to be afraid of Ariel. Was this really his dog? She didn’t respond to his voice or to his appearance. Then suddenly, she approached him and smelled him. It was a smell she had not forgotten during their two years apart — and the withdrawn dog immediately turned into a very excited one. Watch the video, the whole reunion was captured on film, and the movie has quickly gone viral. It’s impossible not to be moved by this.

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